Tool Review: Selenium

Tool Review: Selenium

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The Selenium homepage says „Selenium is a suite of tools specifically for testing web applications.“. This „suite of tools“ is seperated into several parts where Selenium IDE and Selenium RC are the most important ones and the review will focus on those two parts.

Technique: Star2

Selenium (every tool of the Selenium suite) interacts with the ui elements of a web site/application using JavaScript injection. Therefore a custom proxy server is used to inject the JavaScript code into the html source. When using the Selenium IDE this magic is done automatically. If not, Selenium RC is used to manipulate the html source to be automate-able. This method has some disadvantages:

  • Injecting Code into the html source of the web site/application to test could lead to unpredictable behaviour (even though this never occurred during our tests)
  • When injecting JavaScript only one base-URL is possible (for example because of The Same Origin Policy. Testing different base-URLs requires different test cases.

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