Tool Review: PAMIE

Tool Review: PAMIE



PAMIE (Python Automation Module for I. E.) is a library, which enables Python to interact with Internet Explorer. PAMIE automates the browser by manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM) via the COM interface. PAMIE is used to create web tests written in Python using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The review is focused on PAMIE 3.0.

Technique: Star2Star2Star2

PAMIE manipulates the DOM using Internet Explorers COM interface. Furthermore JavaScript methods can be directly called in order to start their execution. This method is similar to WatiN and shares more or less the same advantages/disadvantages.

  • Neither the browser nor the displayed web site/web application gets changed to enable interaction.
  • The native interaction enables PAMIE to read many details of the current state of the browser. For example PAMIE is able to synchronize the test with the browser. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen
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